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At VISADA LIFESTYLE we proudly offer innovative products designed to save you time, make your life easier and alleviate worrying problems.

Our high quality products are manufactured to the highest standards and are based on in-depth research aimed at providing solutions to everyday inconveniences while offering new approaches to old challenges. At the forefront of our design thinking are issues of security, efficiency, and convenience. If we identify an everyday problem, we set out to solve it!


At VISADA LIFESTYLE, we even solve your gift-giving problems!

Our innovative, practical and useful products make great gift solutions, especially for that hard-to-buy-for family member or friend. A gift from Visada Lifestyle shows you care and have truly thought about the needs of your loved one by giving a gift that will solve a problem in their lives, or save them time or worry.

Make a loved one feel special on any occasion with VISADA LIFESTYLE Gift Solutions.
You can choose a gift and we will deliver it with your SPECIAL MESSAGE and in a FREE GIFT PACKAGING.
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Our innovative equine safety products solve problems you or a loved one may face in caring for a horse.
Our research showed that safe transportation was the major concern of most horse owners so we set out to develop products to alleviate this concern. Transporting a horse is challenging for both horse and driver, and can be fraught with dangers. Visada Lifestyle’s innovative, award-winning products are designed to make horse transportation less dangerous, and give peace of mind to the driver throughout the journey.
These multi-functional products are not only for use when transporting a horse, but have many
other applications in a variety of situations where the safety and security of a horse is an issue of concern.
The gift of a Visada Lifestyle equine product to a loved one who cherishes their horse shows you truly care about their concerns and want to bring greater peace of mind
into their lives.


iSPY is a completely wireless system which makes horse observation possible during transport. The innovative features and ease of installation make this product a necessity for every horse owner. iSPY Horse Float Cam is an effortless and simple solution for accident-free horse transportation.
  • Fully wireless system
  • Night vision option included
  • Easy camera and monitor attachment
  • Home/car charging options
  • 100m range
  • LCD resolution: 480×240
  • Waterproof for outdoor use
  • No tools required for installation
  • Multiple applications (trailer attachment/barn monitoring)


  • 2.4Ghz wireless monitor x 1
  • 2.4Ghz wireless camera x 1
  • Suction holder x 1
  • Air vent clip x 1
  • Cigarette lighter adapter x 1
  • Adapter x 2
  • Connect cable for charging monitor x 1
  • Video cable x 1
  • Weatherproof cover x 1
    Price: $298

Worldwide shipping available


Safety Tie is a revolutionary tool to securely and safely tie up a horse without risk of the horse becoming entangled. Designed by a team of veterinary nurses, equine muscular therapists and product safety engineers, Safety Tie is the safest tool to use when tying up a horse. It has five levels of resistance and aims to minimize the risks of injury during horse transportation. This award-winning product is easy to use and is applicable in many different situations.

  • Designed by veterinary nurses, equine muscular therapists and product safety engineers
  • Minimizes risk to horse and others
  • Simple to use
  • Use anywhere (posts, trailers, anchored objects)
  • 5 Levels of resistance
  • Multiple colors available
  • The safest and best way to tether your horse!
    2pcs package
    4pcs package
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    12pcs package
    20pcs package
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Visada Lifestyle’s smart and innovative pet care products bring new standards of safety, comfort and efficiency into the lives of both pet owners and the beloved animals in their care.

Our extensive research has identified better ways to enhance the lives of both pets and their owners, bringing more ease, comfort, safety and enjoyment of outdoor activities into their lives.

Our pet care products are the perfect gift for dog lovers – from younger people who love to enjoy active recreation outdoors, to elderly or disabled people who can benefit from greater enjoyment of outdoor activities with their dog in a safer, more comfortable and more convenient way.
Give a gift of love, care and safety to the special dog lover in your life with Visada Lifestyle’s high quality and carefully researched and designed pet care solutions.

The World’s first intelligent, HANDS-FREE, retractable dog leash

ReLeash fits comfortably around your wrist, allowing you to push a stroller, hold your baby, work on your laptop, circuit train, skateboard, hike, play ball or hold a coffee while giving your dog his daily exercise. With both hands free, there’s no more struggle to answer your cell phone or grab your water bottle while out in the park with your pooch.

  • Neoprene ergonomic soft padding
  • Laser cut stainless steel
  • 9ft long cord
  • For up to 66lbs dogs
  • Metal Hock
  • Safety Release
  • Changeable covers
  • Available in 4 colors

The package includes:

  • ReLeash
  • Wrist Strap
  • Instructions
  • Stopper
Price: $39,99
Weight categories:
Coming to Australia soon


Maintaining a home and garden takes a great deal of time and energy. At Visada Lifestyle, we have focussed our research and product development on ways to make home and garden care easier and more efficient.
Our innovative and effective home and garden products are aimed at being more efficient than any alternatives available on the market, saving time, efort and money.
Visada Lifestyle’s home and garden products are the perfect gift for someone you
love who could be spending more time with family and friends and in the enjoyment of their home environment and less time on home and garden maintenance. A gift of a Visada Lifestyle product that saves time on weekend maintenance is not only practical, but shows you really care about your loved one’s quality of life.



Perfect for mowing fence lines and roadsides.
Spring-loaded cutting head deflects around obstacles.
Simply attach to your ride-on mower or any vehicle with a towbar.

The All-Terrain Trimmer Mower is a must-have addition to your outdoor maintenance arsenal…

  • For large rural lifestyle properties
  • House paddocks on farming properties
  • Owners of lawn mowing and garden maintenance businesses
  • Local Council maintenance teams in charge of parks and other outdoor recreation areas
  • Owners of golf courses, resorts and other businesses with expansive lawn areas
  • Tows behind your ride-on mower
  • Reaches up to 1.2 metres beyond your vehicle’s wheelbase
  • More than 5 times the power of a whipper snipper
  • Rolls easily over hills, rocks, slopes and bumps
  • Spring-loaded trimming head deflects easily around obstacles
  • Close and even cut
  • Takes down thick weeds and tall grass with ease
  • Quick-Lock TM trimmer head with easy-to-replace trimmer cord guaranteed not to pull out
    Price: $1999

Available in Australia and New Zealand